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Yumi Tea, smooth out your day, everyday

At Yumi Tea, we serve a variety of fresh tea drinks to quench your thirst and fulfill your cravings. Try from our popular milk teas, flavored teas, and tea lattes, available with or without boba, or bubble tea, according to your preferences. We only use the best ingredients for quality that you will taste in the very first sip.

Also, you will love our selection of Vietnamese snacks including the “must-have”, Bánh Mì. So come visit us at Yumi Tea today.

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Homemade Taro Milk Bubble Tea with Tapioca

Milk Tea

With an organic base of green or black tea, our delicious drinks are described as a nudge along the evolutionary scale

Fruity Tea

Addition to the milk tea, we add infusion made from cut pieces of fruit and plants, which can either be fresh or dried

Yumi Snacks

A variety of on-the-go, or conversation snacks including fried egg rolls, crab rangoon, chicken wings, fried fish balls, popcorn chicken, and more.

Bánh Mì
Vietnamese Sandwich

Toasted baquettes stuffed with savory meats enhanced with mayo, hot peppers, pickled carrots, daikon, cucumber and cilantro.